CEO AND VISIONAIRE OF MINDFREAK RECORDINGS ,is an accomplished musician playing 12 instruments, song writer, singer, DJ, and producer. She took music industry courses at shoreline community college with Sue Ennis, a renowned song writer and hitmaker for the band Heart. A founding member of the label, her journey has taken her from travelling cross-country by Greyhound with her turntables, to DJing and throwing benefit parties in Seattle, to selling EPs in a boombox-assisted street sale campaign.current releases of the label aer by Dj Bionic Bounce, Planet Seattle which has been released around the world to major success outside the United States. Along w Electric Dreams pt1. the retro future 1980s flashback album Freakquency the progressive electro rock pop album and Juicy Beat the compliation double album w Dj Bionic Bounce and other artist. smash hot after smash hit you can see why we are the future of music and indie DJ Bionic Bounce's tracks have received plays on Australian internet radio station 1radio, and on the 21st week of airplay she entered their billboard at number 18 with the track Barry White. She's also been feautred on local Seattle radio station KEXP, and in June 2011 was featured on KING5 News,Labelworx, reviews from Germany Sweet Beat Records, Sorin Records, THROUGH YAHUSHUA THE CHRIST

Alex J Martin

COO AND CREATIVE/TECHNICAL ASSISTANT, handling the nuts and bolts of the technical and communications side of the label, is also a creative producer in his own right. He plays violin and bass guitar, DJs, and has studied music theory and composition.

Dj Bionic Bounce

Super girl Dj God lover Yhaushua lover,world class music and musician lover Dj Bionic Bounce is the mega machine that fuels the sucess of Mindfreak Recordings.With music not of this world the future is now and Dj Bionic Bounce is the future God is the source for ALL gifts in music and this IS the one thing this humble down to earth musician,Dj,singer,song writer,artist will tell you so.